Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Speaking for MUGI at University of Mercu Buana

Another speaking opportunity comes! This time an invitation was from University of Mercu Buana. They asked me to provide an introduction to SQL Server 2012.

Again, my main focus is Visual F# but I’m happy to talk about other topic as well.

The schedule was on May 18, 2013 and the venue was at Mosque auditorium inside Mercu Buana surroundings. This is cool, as far as I remember I was never invited to speak in a mosque.

The speaking went quite well, although the audiences were having many background and some of them were non IT.


This provides a real challenge for me as well, to provide a speaking but with explanations as simple enough to be understood by most audiences.

The slides for this speaking is available on my SkyDrive, and I will release the slide to MUGI.

This is my Skydrive slide link:

See you at the next speaking! :)

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