Thursday, October 24, 2013

Visual Studio 2013 has been released

Hi my blog audiences!

Yes, you’re right! It’s not a typo! Visual Studio 2013 has been released and available to download!

Just go to:

This is the original announcement by Somasegar in his blog:

What’s new in Visual Studio 2013:

The editions of Visual Studio 2013 are the same as Visual Studio 2012:

  1. Express
  2. Test Professional
  3. Professional
  4. Premium
  5. Ultimate

For those new to Visual Studio, I suggest starts using Visual Studio 2013 Express Edition.

Here’s the link:


Now, everything is getting more interesting in Visual Studio world! Visual Studio will have shorter cadence release! This is also a perfect sample of Application Lifecycle Management discipline clearly implemented!


The picture was from a slide deck of Brian Harry, MS Technical Fellow, when delivering presentation on TechEd North America 2013.

This means, every 11 to 13 months a new Visual Studio version will always be available.

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