Friday, September 26, 2014

Presenting at MVP Community Camp for September 2014

Hi my blog audiences!

Why I have silent month of August? Don’t worry! Because I was preparing for participating at MVP Community Camp!

Previously, I was asked by Katherine Chen, my MVP Lead, whether I have some experiences with Xamarin tools at the end of July. I told her that I had some about 8-10 months of experiences, and the tool is strong!

This is the original official promotional ad:


After it’s decided by Katherine, I got my own sessions:


Although there were some glitches when we’re rehearsing the presentations (with the assistance of Katherine), at the time of the Lync conference, the session is fine! Unfortunately the Android emulator were unexpectedly sluggish when I was having demo of running Xamarin code.

I also gave demo of The Multi Device Hybrid for Visual Studio 2013 CTP 2, fortunately the demo went well. Smile

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