Monday, September 21, 2015

Attending Lambda Jakarta September 2015 meetup

Hi guys!

In this blog entry, this is my story about helping to organize meetup of Lambda Jakarta.

The meetup was held on 19th September at MD Entertainment Tower 2.

The link is:

The place of this meetup look weird, it looks like a building with lots of venous blood pumping;


The agenda is:

  • Presentations from Erik Dominicus and Dicky Arinal
  • General functional discussion,
  • Meetup formalization and next steps

Presentations from Erik Dominicus was quite great. He presented a quick intro to Haskell, a quite old functional programming language that still influences many functional programming language today including ML, F#, Scala.

Dicky Arinal presented a lightning intro to concurrency in networking. A quite tedious and technical talk, but quite refreshing to know deep into what’s going on at multithreading in networking world.

The formalization was originally to discuss what will be the next meetup, but then the discussion crystalized onto one need of having online collaboration. After brainstorming, I proposed to use Github and Gitter to have chat. But most of the audiences were familiar with Slack, so I decided to jump in and set up Slack:


The Lambda’s Slack link:

The collaboration is nice, you should try it! It’s quite the same as Gitter, but unfortunately not all of us can directly join the confirmation, you have to be invited first.

Here is the conversation at #general channel:


Now we have more channels for specific interests:


Of course, there’s F# in #fsharp channel Smile

Now the organization of Lambda Jakarta has been set up as a repo in Github! <link is: >


Go Github! At the picture above, I also set up a repo to contain all of the source code sample to teach functional programming. This meetup was fun! Smile

This the shoot from the meetup:

The next meetup has been also scheduled for 31st October 2015. Guess what? I’ll present an intro to Functional Programming without hurting your brain, and Erik will present an intro to Functional Programming but with totally noob view!

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