Sunday, November 1, 2015

Giving quick intro on functional programming on Lambda Jakarta October 2015 Meetup

Hi guys!

Now it’s community time! To be specific, Lambda Jakarta meetup time!


This time (as suggested on previous meetup, on my blog, and on Lambda Jakarta’s Slack group) Erik Dominicus and I are going to give separate presentations on the same topic: introduction to functional programming language.

The place was still the same, MNC building, but the date was 31st October, 2015 on 12.30 PM (after lunch).

Yes, we both deliver the same concept but we decided to give different ways to deliver these presentations.

I focused on giving intro with the past background of common non functional programming introductions including OOP (hence imperative), and then gently driving the mindset into functional. Eric focused on giving intro directly on conceptual principles on functional programming.

The invitation page on Lambda Jakarta’s meetup of October 2015 page neatly described this:


Yes, I focused on gentle intro with introduction from non functional programming.

Introduction to functional programming will be delivered and presented as gentle intro into the concept regardless of functional programming languages (language agnostic). This quick intro will get you jumpstart with relevance to other todays programming paradigm such as OOP and imperative without hurting your brain

This is the excerpt from my slides:


..and we all know these facts:


Yes, functional programming should be fun! Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to be captured as video. The next meetup will try to repeat my talk and it’ll be video captured Smile

These are the pictures:



..and there’s more on Lambda Jakarta’s meetup page for October 2015 Smile

I was so excited to have many feedbacks and questions in the middle of my talk! One of them was asking about asynchrony and synchrony concept. Although they are concerned and closely related to parallel programming, asynchrony and synchrony are not parallel programming concept. Asynchrony, synchrony are just part of concurrent programming, and parallel programming also part of concurrent programming.

This is also unfortunate consequence of common fresh graduate of computer science faculty in Indonesia: the curriculum keep mixing wrong concepts, and always leaning more on “industrial trend” based on not so official TIOBE index.

Very well, this is our responsibility to change this, right?

We have agreed to have next meetup soon after the TechinAsia event (11th November). Stay tuned on Lambda Jakarta’s meetup and Slack website!


This is my slide for the presentation: (feel free to download) Smile

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