Thursday, January 21, 2016

Presenting F# at Lambda Jakarta’s Coding Dojo January 2016

Hi guys!

It’s now community time! I have been active in mostly these two communities, MUGI and Lambda Jakarta.

This time, it’s for Lambda Jakarta. For quick overview of Lambda Jakarta, please read my previous blog: speaking on Lambda Jakarta and welcoming new members on May 2015.

The agenda is having a Coding Dojo in January 16, 2016 that showcases solutions to a specific problem. Thanks to KMKLabs that generously provides us the place to have this meetup! Smile

This is the agenda link on

These are the language list that joined the coding dojo:

  • F# (brought by me)
  • Scala (brought by Herdy Handoko)
  • Haskell (brought by Abdullah)
  • Scheme
  • Elixir
  • .. and more (including Clojure!)

We have relaxed the coding dojo a bit, as we focusing on functional programming languages but we are welcome participations from attendees Smile

This means, we got a lot of contributions with lots of different programming languages. Bring it on!


The problems we’re going to solve are FizzBuzz and Dice Roll. Because of our limited time, we only had the chance to present FizzBuzz solutions.

You may read the problem description of FizzBuzz and Dice Roll on the event website. The interesting problem is the FizzBuzz, as it’s often asked at interview of software developer (see this site and this Jeff Atwood’s blog for example).

FizzBuzz was a child’s math puzzle, it’s simply saying Fizz for any number that is divisible by 3, and Buzz for any number divisible by 5, then FizzBuzz for any number divisible by 3 and 5.

put it simply: 3 – Fizz, 5 –Buzz, 15 – FizzBuzz

But then there are various solutions to the problems, as we are trying to solve with the languages we have at each of us disposal.

We have intro from Tito, developer of KMK Labs (the place and the host):


I have the chance to present F# as my language to solve. Here, using Visual Studio projected to a large LED display:


Here’s the code in F#, you can write this using F# pattern matching:


Here’s the result display on F# interactive:


We also have Herdy, Abdullah, and others to present as well:


The next meetup? Just stick around at Lambda Jakarta meetup website:

See ya!

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