Friday, February 22, 2019

Speaking and organizing Azure DevOps Launch Jakarta on February 18, 2019

Hi guys! New year of 2019, and also new speaking engagements Smile
This 18th February 2019, I not just delivered speaking, but also organized the event of Azure DevOps Launch Jakarta. In Indonesia, we have 2 separate same events but in different cities, one in Yogyakarta that came before the Jakarta event.
It is the same, because the theme of the event is the same, initially organized by Microsoft on 2018 on September, including the recorded video sessions:
The main theme of this event is 75% to 90% technical, and less emphasize on marketing product. Yes, the event is targeted to more for technical and management that have concerns on DevOps.
The Jakarta event is organized by MUGI Jadetabek, chaired by me with the help from the crew members, Leo, Hendra, and others.
Thanks to Microsoft Indonesia, they had provided the venue and also other necessary support such as wifi. Logistic was provided by Microsoft directly, with the help of Microsoft Asia people such as Annie Matthew and Sarah Thiam.
Big thanks to local Microsoft Indonesia and Microsoft!
The event announcement is on MUGI’s page:
Here is the registration link:

The speakers were many, thanks to Microsoft especially Ashwani, my MUGI Jadetabek crew, and also special thanks to Riza Marhaban, Singaporean MVP and DevOps-ID with Made Mulia Indrajaya as speakers!
These are the speaking materials:
  1. DevOps at Microsoft (Ashwani)
  2. Adopting DevOps as culture using Azure DevOps and Azure (Eriawan Kusumawardhono, me)
  3. Journey from Monolithic to Modern application using Containers, Serverless and achieve the CI/CD using Azure DevOps (Riza Marhaban)
  4. DevOps monitoring (Leonardo Irawan and Hendra Pratama)
  5. Optimize DevOps in your organizations (Made Mulia)
Here are the pictures:

Starting from me deliver the opening and general overview of DevOps:

And here are the speaking sessions photos!

We have Ashwani:

And me speaking:

Here are the lunch break photos:

Here is Riza Marhaban:

Leo and Hendra, hardcore duo to deliver DevOps monitoring:

And here are Made Mulia's session:

And last but not least, here all of the speakers, MUGI crews, and the audiences had photo session:

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