Friday, November 8, 2013

TEACHING: Study club of MUGI Jadetabek on Developer Track, WEEK 2

For developer track, we have 5 attendees. We have decided to limit the number of attendees for now, as we want to spread and teach the knowledge effectively.

Initial developer track will be delivered by myself, Eriawan. As for now, I deliver introduction to C#.

Hi there! This is Week 2 of Developer track study club, part of MUGI Jadetabek community program. As usual, we held this on Microsoft Indonesia office, on 2nd November, 2013.

This week I bring OOP concept in C# and the OOP.

Official link for OOP in C# and VB (for Visual Studio 2012) is at:

Before that, we spent 1 hour to discuss last week homework task: creating butterfly.

These are the pictures from Week 2:


And this is another style pose: Smile


Basically, OOP has these 3 pillars:

  1. Inheritance
  2. Polymorphism
  3. Encapsulation

Unfortunately, OOP was not described well in MSDN Library.

I suggest we look at the Oracle’s Java documentation of OOP at:

They have nice illustration to describe encapsulation:


And the sample in real world:


The slide will be available on week 3, tomorrow!

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