Monday, November 18, 2013

TEACHING: Study club of MUGI Jadetabek on Developer Track, WEEK 3

It’s week 3 now! Time for MUGI participation! Now MUGI Jadetabek has initiated study club. Initially we have two tracks: developer track and infrastructure track.

Initially started as an idea from Abdullah Muhammad (chairman of MUGI Jadetabek) and I when attending Microsoft Community Summit, now it becomes realization. The place is at Microsoft Indonesia’s main office, JSX on 18th floor.

The course will be in the form of 5 times informal meeting weekly.

For developer track, we have 5 attendees. We have decided to limit the number of attendees for now, as we want to spread and teach the knowledge effectively.

Initial developer track will be delivered by myself, Eriawan. As for now, I deliver introduction to C#.

Week 3 is on 8th November, still at the same Microsoft Indonesia’s HQ at BEJ Jakarta.

Now, the subject is about advanced OOP and collections in .NET (including generics).

This week we only have 2 attendances because Wakhid was taking care of his final paper assignment and Aris was sick.

I had demo on LINQ Select:


As always, the show must go on!


We moved to smaller rooms but I think it’s good, because it separated from the Infrastructure track that begins on developer’s week 3!

I gave home assignments to create implementations of ICollection<T> and also create WHERE method of LINQ.

As promised, the slide deck will be uploaded soon. I hope tomorrow I can download the slide gracefully as it’s quite large, more than 6MB!

The next week 4 will be scheduled on 23rd November. Stay tuned!

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