Monday, March 3, 2014

A good developer should be both wise and lazy?

How I miss a good software dev... Really I miss him/her.
But I do have a list traits of a good one! Basically comes into two things: lazy and wise.
Lazy in a sense that he/she is so lazy to code from beginning without planning and reuse.
So, he/she should have these traits when being asked for questions or to do a task:

Ask the wise candidate about the solution of any recurring problems in code reuse, he shall answer with design pattern without too many theoretical mumbo jumbo.
Ask the wise candidate about how to differentiate and choose the best approach to solve a problem in a pressing business process, he shall answer with the best hammer for specific nail.
Ask the wise candidate about how to choose between platform to solve pressing enterprise needs instead of choosing programming language, he shall answer the reason with impeccable reasoning instead of burying our heads with fanatic programming language choice.
Ask the wise candidate about how to solve his past problems in his past works, he shall answer with impeccable reasoning and his answer will show that he can learn from the past, not simply having only one solution for all, and also this show that he can grow and willingness to grow and improve.
Ask the wise candidate about how to solve big problem or develop big application in pressing matter and time without no reason, and he will not have enough time to think the best solution, and you'll lose this wise candidate. Because the question will deny his laziness and his proper planning, thinking, and problem solving.

Mind you, this developer has thought beyond any programming languages, so the hell with C++,C#, Java, VB, or even my main language, F#.
He shall continue focusing on platform choice, instead of minding and burying with language programming choice.Time comes to choose whether Java or .NET, and there's no time to choose whether Java, Ruby, C#, C++, VB.

He shall continue to be lazy by reusing existing components, diminishing any adhoc tasks while continue to preach planning and problem solving in elegant manner... Gone are the religions of programming languages.

As I said, this is my personal rant. The quote above is from myself. I really miss him/her, and I won't tell you who he/she is.
I have no intention to insult or harm anyone else. I welcome suggestions, though.

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