Saturday, October 14, 2017

Speaking at MUGI Jakarta Gathering 2017 (October 2017)

Hi my blog 6audiences! Now it’s my speaking time for MUGI (Microsoft User Group Indonesia) community for Jadetabek (Jakarta, Tangerang, Bekasi region) under the umbrella of MUGI Nasional (nationwide). Although MUGI has quite a long hiatus (for about 7 months), we’re now ready to gather again full speed ahead.

Basically MUGI is a community of Microsoft’s product users ranging from MS Office users, Visual Studio developers (including C#/F#/VB/Xamarin/WPF/.NET), IT-pro (Windows Server, Exchange Server, Sharepoint) and other software users such as database developers that use SQL Server.

The event is called MUGI Jakarta Gathering 2017, on 7th October 2017. Thanks to Microsoft Indonesia’s support, we have venue support at Microsoft Indonesia’s office, located at BEJ Indonesia.

Thanks to the works of Hendra and Leo, we have secured some sponsorship fundings from Rhipe, Dell, Infront, Gulver and Omaging. Many thanks, guys!


The speaking sessions are not  just me, there are from IT-pros such as talks from Leonardo, Hendra, and Fazar. Also a power user talk from Abdullah, as lead of MUGI nationwide.

About 2 months ago I have been assigned as MUGI Jadetabek lead, therefore I’m eager to have this meetup more frequent!

I gave talk about C# and Visual Studio 2017, especially what’s new since VS 2015 and VS 2017.


Yes, C# 7.0 now has REPL, a feature that F# already has since initial release of F# 1.0!

But most of my talk is demo, based on the audience’s requests.


Here’s some other pictures:


Here is Abdullah gave talk about Digital Transformation:


Here’s Leonardo Irawan brought Windows Server 2016:


And here we had little break in the middle of sessions:


And Hendra in action:


And we are having a photo session for all audiences and speaker: (Leo did not join)


Thanks for this memorable meetup, guys!

Next, MUGI Jadetabek has plan to have meetups about DevOps in December or no later than January 2018.

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