Saturday, October 21, 2017

Participating in Microsoft’s Mission Mars of building chat bot using Bot Framework (as JakartaJS meetup workshop)

As one of Microsoft MVP in Indonesia, I’m often being asked to help other developer community to thrive and also to share knowledge. One sample of this is when I helped Software Architect Indonesia Community (SARCCOM) as speaker for their Meetup event:

In early October 2017, I was asked by MS Indonesia to participate in 2 days event: MS Chat bot development training for community leaders and MVP to be trained as trainers, and the second day is helping as trainer assistant for Chat bot development to train for public (for everyone).

First, thanks to Microsoft Indonesia for this opportunity! I’m so glad that I get invited to this event while sharpening my skillset about developing Bot using MS Bot Framework! YES! Open-mouthed smile

It’s interesting to know that this event is part of Microsoft’s Mission Mars series, and usually Mission Mars is often held in outside Indonesia.

The event is held at Sheraton Hotel, Gandaria City, Jakarta, Indonesia.

The chat bot event

So, here is the event:


The trainer to train on day 1 is from Microsoft directly from US: Christopher Harrison!

Christopher Harrison is known for his MVA videos! This is also his MVA video on Bot Framework:

FYI, MS Bot Framework landing page is:

And the official documentation is at: and don’t forget to also contribute to the docs repo. Microsoft is always welcoming contribution to every Docs page of

It’s nice to know that this training is NOT just for MS MVP, but Microsoft Indonesia was inviting other Indonesian community leader such as leader from Python, Javascript, Ruby communities!

As a matter of fact, Microsoft Indonesia helped Jakarta Javascript community to have other workshop for the next day:


Therefore it’s always good to know that MS is really open!

The training was on 16th October, and the workshop was on 17th October.

The bot development training

The bot development training was focused as steps, fortunately we could see and try the steps directly from Mission Mars github:

The interesting thing about this sample steps tutorial is written in C# and Node.JS. So .NET is not required, you can choose to have NodeJS to create bot.

These are the pictures from the training day:



And here are the pictures of Christopher Harrison, the community leaders, and MVPs (including me, Kiki, Fadhil)


And then, the next day, we helped Christopher Harrison to train!

Here are the shots after the training for public:


And I sneak my opportunity to take picture with my APAC MVP Lead, Soyoung Lee:


And also with my frieds: Irving Hutagalung and Anggita (from Microsoft Indonesia):



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