Sunday, September 30, 2018

Speaking at dotnetConf Indonesia 2018

HI there, my blog audiences!
After watching full sessions of dotnet Conf on Channel9:
Now we have dotnetConf in Indonesia!
This event is held on 29th September
But to be honest, the dotnetConf Indonesia is not a complete relay, it’s within the same spirit of the dotnetConf itself: celebrating .NET world as we know and use extensively, especially on using .NET Core on your dev machine, cloud, and on mobile/any devices!
Thanks to Dicoding ( and Buitenzorg Maker Club (Bogor’s IOT community) to co-host and also promote this event, we have gathered around 100+ attendances!
So in this event, we focus on .NET ecosystem and also its application, such as Blockchain using Nethereum, an open source implementation of Ethereum using C# and .NET Core.
I speak on having gentle intro on .NET Core 2.1, and currently at version 2.1.4 (and the related SDK version is 2.1.402).
I also have demonstrated how easy to develop and also at the same time have CI for free using Azure DevOps, as long as it’s open source projects Smile
The demo also focus on the fact that we can code in C#, F#, VB.NET on .NET Core!
.NET Core, although it is quite new, it is a true cross platform of .NET. It is not the same as .NET Framework that only runs on Windows.
Although .NET Core has about 80% API compatibility (except of course excluding Windows-specific API such as WPF, Windows Forms, and Workflow), some of the namespaces haven’t been ported yet.
Some namespaces that needs more works are the parity in System.Data, System.Data.Common, and some inconsistent detail on .NET Framework HttpContext and comparable .NET Core HttpContext.
I gave demo and also gentle intro on .NET Core 2.1, but from the feedback on the audiences, I had to give intro on .NET Core first then .NET Core 2.1.
This is not surprising, because most companies in Jakarta that uses .NET don’t know much or even somehow don’t care much about .NET Core.
We have always hoped that this event will bring more awareness that there is .NET Core, a truly cross platform of .NET and it is also performant!
Here’s the pictures from the event:
I gave the swag of this event:
Here’s Fuad giving presentation on DevOps in general:
And this is some of the speakers including me:
From left to right: Puja (MVP), me, Marsya (MS Indonesia), and Fadhil (MVP)
Due to the fact that many of the audiences and also developer communities in Jakarta have asked me to provide blog to track .NET Core, I will spin off a new blog that’s specific to .NET Framework and .NET Core interop!
Watch this blog for the announcement Smile

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