Friday, November 30, 2018

Speaking at MUGI Purwokerto meetup event about DevOps on Azure

Hi my fellow bloggers and audiences! It turns out in 2018 I have had many requests to speak more, and I’m grateful!

Compared to last year, this year I have more than two speaking engagements! It is quite surprising to myself, because usually maximum speaking frequency each year is twice, and at least once.

This November, my speaking engagement is now at Purwokerto to provide DevOps awareness. Thanks to Agus Suparno and his crew of MUGI Purwokerto, I had the chance to visit this small city with my wife.

The event was on 24th November 2018, and it was a continuing collaboration between MUGI Jadetabek and MUGI Purwokerto.


The preparation of the event was quite long, it was prepared since September. This is quite normal, because usually any tech events in Indonesia must be announced at least two months before, to provide the event awareness early so the audiences could come at least 80% of the expected audience number.

The event was held on Universitas Muhammadiah Purwokerto (Muhammadiah University of Purwokerto), courtesy of the lecturers and the MUGI’s representative there.

The agenda is: opening speak by the lead EO (also one of MUGI Purwokerto lead at Universitas Muhammadiah), by major informatics study head of Universitas Muhammadiah, Azure quick intro by Agus Suparno, and myself about having DevOps on Azure.

I was amazed of the audience’s enthusiasm! The number of the audiences were about 88% of projected 180 audiences!

This was the pre-event reregistration:


And then everyone entered the room (it was a special room for student’s final paper assignment):  


These are the opening speaks: (left to right: EO lead, the major head, and Agus Suparno)


And then myself spoke:


There’s no official definition of what DevOps is, so I deliberately use the most succinct DevOps definition from Microsoft:


for more information about DevOps by Microsoft, please visit this link:

In the near end of the event, we had a small quiz/game:


Event Retrospective

I have to admit, I have to talk about this. When I started my speaking, most of the audiences many students weren’t aware of DevOps at all. So I had to went back to explaining that the SDLC today has been more demanding, in a sense that most theories thought at universities (unfortunately) couldn’t keep up well enough with the industries, especially software engineering industry. I know this quite often because even in Jakarta, not most of us are aware of DevOps, as part of common modern SDLC. I remembered I had asked about this on my previous speaking at DotnetConf Indonesia 2018 and Azure DevOps on Azure Day.

But many universities have been teaching more conceptual thinking of having true OOP, procedural programmings, regardless of what the languages you learns initially for more than 8 years. This is a welcoming sign, as more and more student are becoming polyglots Smile

I was amazed that Universitas Muhammadiah has started to provide this polyglot awareness in its early semester in informatics majors. Usually I know that there are not so many universities provide this mindset, and as far as I know only a small of handful universities: UI, ITB, UGM, and my own former college, iSTTS. So now yes, I am now adding Universitas Muhammadiah on my list of unis that provides conceptual mindset of polyglot. KUDOS to University of Muhammadiah!

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