Saturday, December 15, 2018

Speaking at DevOps ID event on Shopee, presenting DevOps culture adaptation and quick demo of Azure DevOps

Yes, another speaking opportunities in the last month of 2018! The date was 13th December, 2018.

In this event, I was invited by Hananto, leader of DevOps Indonesia community (also commonly called DevOps-ID). This is the first time I was asked to participate to speak for community beyond or outside my own community!

Therefore, I feel grateful and many thanks to Hananto for this opportunity! Of course, I always welcome for invitations from other community, not just from my own such as MUGI and Lambda Jakarta.

The host, Shopee, has nice arrangements of materials and speakers, not just me. I am glad that I could see one of their engineer presenting the experiences on optimizing internal’s Shopee apps, with basic telemetry and logging.

I bring the topic of having gentle intro on DevOps, not just as concept but also a culture.

It is common in Indonesia that most companies see DevOps as a dedicated team that oversees both Development (Dev) and Operations (Ops), without actually trying to ensure collaborations and interactions between those two. Therefore, frictions are often seen later instead of continuous communication and collaboration.

I also gave quick intros on how easy Azure DevOps to use with Azure using free basic app services, so dev and ops can have the same streamline experience on how basic cycle of DevOps can be simplified but still applicable on both Dev and Ops department.

Here’s the pictorials from the event:

And this is me, delivering the presentation:

And demo time using Azure DevOps project on Azure!

Then we have fun wrapping up and photo session:

Thanks to DevOps ID community and Shopee, of course!

My slide deck is available here:!Ak-RlH5R7H66hrZEY8kd9mrGkIVobA

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