Monday, October 28, 2019

Speaking at local Purwokerto's .NET Conf 2019 meetup!

Hi my blog readers!

If you have followed my blog trails, you'll see that this year (2019) since January I am mostly invited as speakers in various Indonesian meetups, especially topics on .NET, Azure, and Azure DevOps!

On 26th October, I was invited to speak at MUGI Purwokerto's event of .NET Conf 2019, at UNSOED Purwokerto. Thanks for the invitation, my MVP colleague Agus Suparno!

I'm so excited, because my other MVP colleague, Agus Kurniawan is also invited as speaker, not just Agus Suparno and me!

In this event I spoke about "Best practice of  .NET Core 3.0 CI/CDs using Azure DevOps", Agus Kurniawan presented .NET support for Apache Spark, and Agus Suparno talks about .NET ML (Machine Learning).

The audiences were enthusiastic, and there were some questions to me, especially when they want to start to learn .NET as platforms, especially there was an exchange student, he was Adnan Derbani. Thanks for adding me on LinkedIn!

Here are Agus K, Agus S and me presenting, starting from me:

And Agus Suparno:

Then Agus Kurniawan:

We also have learned some Big Data in Management perspective from Dr.Ade Irma Anggraeni, Senior Lecturer at UNSOED. Cool!

And a surprise bonus, a DevOps for practical for companies, presented by Darmawan Suandi:

Wow, it was a blast!

Can't wait to start more collaboration with other communities outside Jakarta! 😊❤

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