Thursday, November 21, 2019

Speaking at Global AI/MR Bootcamp 2019 Jakarta

Hi my blog readers!

Oh boy, 2019 is definitely a busy year!

I'm grateful and honored at the same time to have speaking engagements at Global AI/MR Bootcamp 2019 Jakarta meetup event on 16th November, 2019.
The event was organized by collaborations of Mixed Reality Community Indonesia and MUGI, with speaker from Buitenzorg! Yes, this is a full collaborative community event, mostly focusing on AI/MR (Mixed Reality). Thanks to Microsoft Indonesia for generously lend us the venue!

The speakers were me (MUGI), Adityo (MR Indonesia), Fadhil (from Buitenzorg). There was Riza that supposed to come and speak, but he was sick at the time of the event.

Here Adityo was giving the opening statement:

And accompanied with a cool AI/MR video from Microsoft:

Then he showed and presented cool HoloLens with his HoloLens app!

I presented AI in Visual Studio, especially  the trained AI of Intellicode in VS 2019:

And I also presented the ML.NET.

Last but not least, Fadil presented the AI on his IOT crafted devices:

The audiences were so enthusiasts and some of them grilled us with hard questions! GREAT!

It was quite a blast!

See you on the next MUGI Jadetabek event, guys! :)

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