Monday, December 16, 2019

Speaking at Global AI Bootcamp 2019

Hi my blog readers!

This December is surely a surprising month, because December is usually the month that no community event gatherings are held in Jakarta, but there is one!

This time I had speaking engagements at Global AI Bootcamp 2019 meetup and workshop, organized by Buitenzorg Makers Club (BMC) and Dicoding. What a busy community, BMC! Some of you have known Fadhil, BMC lead. And under his lead, BMC has active records of having community meetups for more than 4 times/year!

This is the event link:


  1. The Global AI Bootcamp is an annual global meetup/event, initiated by Microsoft with local event supports. that focused on AI on Azure.
  2. The global event in 2019 is in December, although it is usually on November.

The event was held on DiLo Kemenpora, a community place and also coworking space for meetup,

We have also other speakers: Fadhil himself, Endang Suwarna, Amir Umara.

The event is not just an ordinary seminar/presentation, but it also has workshop as well.

The audiences are not many (around 50) but the enthusiasm is so high! At my speaking time, I got asked a lot of heavy questions about AI.

Here are the scenes/pictures of the audiences:

The audiences are so active!

Here we have Fadhil and his crew delivered opening in a fun way:

Then I continued to present ML .NET:

and Visual Studio 2019 is in action:

On my session, I presented ML.NET with step by step tutorial from Microsoft Docs and from this official landing page of ML.NET:

It is always so easy to learn and follow, because the code samples are also there and it is available on GitHub:

I mainly focused on ML.NET for sentiment analysis and forecasting, because it is quite simple and it's also easy to train the AI model data, compared to other samples.

Then Fadhil presented his AI+IOT demo:

There were other speakers in session as well but I had to leave soon because I had other things to do after I finished my session and providing help for Fadhil and his session.

But of course we always had photo session 😉

It's a wrap, and I have to admit it was quite intense when answering the audiences questions, but again I'm always happy to contribute back to communities!

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