Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Speaking and mentoring on Preparation of your first tech talk at Global Diversity CFP Day 2020 Jakarta

Hi my blog audiences!

Again, this year is a sweet-speaking-busy year! I mean positively busy speaking and sharing what I know but also sharing experiences! Now, I'm also mentoring! Sweeet!

Thanks to offer from Sarah Thiam, Microsoft APAC Developer Relation PM that asking me to help mentoring and speaking for this community meetup, Global Diversity CFP Day!

NOTE: CFP stands for Call For Paper, and it's a common term of open/available opportunity to submit your proposal paper for speaking talks.

To be honest, this is my second speaking about diversity in 2007. At that time I was speaking for small meetup group in Surabaya to empower women developers. This time, I'm not just speaking, I'm mentoring! 😊

Also thanks to Microsoft Indonesia for sharing and supporting its venue for this meetup! I am so grateful, folks!

This was the event announcement: (at

Not just me, we also had an array of amazing community speakers like Galuh, Kiki, Imre Nagi Adrianti Rusli, Prabu Rangki, Hepiska Pranata.

First, we have opening speech from Kiki and Galuh:

In that photo, Galih explained about common speaking paper submission for call for paper opening. She also explained how to get/search for call for paper opportunity. Great tips!

Then I deliver how to prepare your first tech talk. Put it simply, don't be afraid to start submitting your proposal, guys!

I welcome noobies, of course! Because..

Therefore it's quite similar on how continuous integration and continuous deployment on DevOps works, THERE IS ALWAYS A CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENTS 😊

I also deliver an analogy while at the same time presenting Azure DevOps conceptually:

Next, Prabu Rangky presented on how to deliver your speech and presentation effectively:

Full of cool tips!

Then we had cool presentation about How to ensure accessibility on your presentation, delivered by Adrianti Rusli:

Last but not least, we had cool presentation on how to do live demo for speaking, by Imre Nagi:

Next step is the real DO, the workshop!

The workshop was so amazing! All of the participants were eager and anxious to start wrting a speaking paper proposal:

Those participants were also encouraged to deliver 5-min talk, to ensure that they are actually doing it 😊

The event final moments are nicely done, we wrapped up in a freestyle photo session in front of Microsoft Indonesia receptionist desk 😉

That's it! 

PS: I always open to be invited for speaking for not just my own community, but also other communities especially for those communities promoting diversity like this!

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